Although qualified in various holistic therapies I decided to dedicate my healing path to Shamanic, energetic and intuitive healing in 2009.

I first trained as a Reiki practitioner with Reiki Evolution in 2003 and as a Reiki Master in 2009.

I have always felt a strong connection with Reiki and have sought to gain as much experience with Reiki as I can. As part of this I trained as a Reiki Drum Healing practitioner in 2010, this is a wonderful way to incorporate a Shamanic technique and feel into the Reiki environment and really helps to deepen the Reiki experience for the person receiving the treatment.

Like most people I have always enjoyed spending time with animals and have had a number of pets growing up. Following on from gaining my ACT1 (Animal Communication Training) I wanted to combine my respect and love of animals with my Reiki healing and so following training at the Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Spalding I am also a qualified Equine Reiki practitioner

In 2011 branched out from Reiki to be part of a 6 month Intuitive Healer course with StarFire Alchemy in London where I gained skills in a number of shamanic and psychic techniques which then led me to take up an intensive year of training with StarFire Alchemy and other shamanic teachers to learn as much as I could to become a Shamanic Practitioner myself.

I have a keen interest in helping those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and other fatigue conditions. As a sufferer myself since 2008 energy healing has given me some great tools to help me work with (rather than against) my strong empathic abilities. We are all empathic, it's what makes us social animals, but for some of us who are highly sensitive to stimulus (be it from sound, light, too many people, new places, atmospheric changes or even chemicals in our food) the world can sometimes be a very challenging place! I have found a lot of FMS/CFS sufferers are also healers or mediums or find they can sense things others can't. I have had first hand experience with this and so am designing a number of workshops to help those who are like me. Not only in grounding and protection but also in developing those empathic abilities to help others. I of course also offer various energy healing and shamanic methods to help those who suffer with fatigue issues (as well as those with any other health issue) along with 1:1 mentoring to offer tailored advice for you.

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