What kind of healing can I expect?

Healing is a very personal thing. I never think of myself as the actual healer, I'm just the facilitator between you and spirit for your own healing.

I have worked in intuitive and shamanic practices for a number of years now and work together with my clients to ensure they get what they need, rather than imposing something on them as the "healer".

I have many tools in my healing tool box and always work with my guides to discover the best way forward for you.

Most of my treatments do not involve indepth interaction with my client, so you don't need to tell me the full painful details of your trauma or your problem but know that voicing this level of information can aid the healing.

What happens during a healing session?

This really depends on the type of treatment that is required. But all healing is conducted fully clothed and normally involves you relaxing with your eyes closed while I do all the hard work. The work is usually done with me being in a meditative state and followed by drumming or hands on healing (similar to reiki).

What happens after a treatment?

I offer advice on actions to take after your treatment, along with ongoing support for you.

How much will the session cost me?

Treatments can be either 1 hour or 90 minutes (depending on the treatment). With this in mind, all healing is charged by the hour:

1 hour treatment - £45

90 minute treatment - £60