Spiritual Mentoring

Using both my mentoring and coaching skills from my NLP qualification and experience, along with my connection to spirit and empathic abilities I'm pleased to offer what I'm calling "Spiritual Mentoring". I guess that term doesn't mean too much so here's what I mean...

I'm here for you!

Having gone through many energetic shifts, and worked extensively with guides and personal development I would like to offer my services as a mentor and sacred space keeper to help you work through a current shift or general experience. We don't always have like minded people to talk these things through with.

I am also available for sacred space holding should you need someone to set up and/or hold sacred space for you during a ceremony or during self healing.

Cost for this will depend on the type of experience you need, so please contact me if this is something you are interested in.

Mentoring courses will be available in due course so please check out the calendar section of the site for more information.